Victorian Tile Restoration

During the modern movement the Victorian style fell out of favour and as a consequence suffered many decades of neglect. During this period considerable damage was done to these old floors often by covering them with carpets nailed through to the original floor damaging the tiles and cracking the thin lime mortar base, or they were just covered in paint, or had simply other covering glued over them.

How fashions have changed, today an original Victorian floor is seen as a prized possession. Properly restored a Victorian tiled hallway or path can be appreciated once again, adding considerable value to a property as an original feature.

We can match virtually any Victorian tile. We have access to an extensive stock of reclaimed tiles, any tile that we don’t have we can match to a pallet of modern tiles, cut to an imperial size, or we can have the tiles made to order.

The process of tile restoration often begins with the removal of the tiles along with the thin lime mortar base underneath, we replace this with a new modern fibre reinforced concrete base where necessary. Our unique technique of relaying tiles ensures that any new and old tiles are relayed at the same level as the other tiles and do not stand proud where they could become chipped and worn.

Over the years we have become expert in removing most dirt and residue from tiles, we have discovered the best methods and treatments, what works and what doesn’t.

We will strip and chemically clean the floor to remove the ingrained dirt and residue. We aim to get the floor as clean as it possibly can be without damaging the floor tiles in the process.

We then grout the areas and seal the floor, applying a low maintenance wax in either gloss, satin or matt finish, and then at the end we will provide you with a simple care sheet, including the low maintenance wax to keep you going.

We can also provide you with regular floor maintenance and after care if it is needed.


Restoration Services

 ·      Cleaning and sealing.

·       Re-grouting.

·       Maintenance and aftercare.

·       Salvage and reinstallation.

·       Detailed survey and documentation, including for salvage.

·       Tile matching for plain and encaustic tiles